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After the hype surrounding the emergence of Cuf0 last week, things have been a little quiet online with the weekend taking over and the buzz quickly fading...

At dnbhub we enjoyed the story, jumped on it with aplomb and put out what we thought was a fair account of the story so far culminating in the printing of an 

I AM Cuf0 t-shirt - 

Imagine our surprise when we got a message notification from _Cuf0 on Insta (account verified) the opening line being....

Take the merch down, this is silly...

Now aside from a bit of fun, we had hoped that the suggestion of selling a limited edition Cuf0 t-shirt via might flush him out, but we didn't actually expect it to work! 

Here's the full conversation via Instagram. 

Sat: 16:48 

Cuf0: Take the merch down, this is silly...

Cuf0: I did see the article 

Cuf0: You can ask me 5 questions in here 

Cuf0: Just know that i never planned on all of this happening 

dnbhub: Hi, good to meet you, I hope you enjoyed the article! The merch was a bit of fun, here are some questions; 

dnbhub: Who is Cuf0; Ideally your name, age, location...but I appreciate that you might still wish to remain the origin of the name, where you're from and what it means would be cool....  

Cuf0: 20 years old is all I can give you on that 

Cuf0: Name origin I can give 

Cuf0: I use focusrite scarlet audio interface, i made cuf0 tracks because I just felt like making random distorted tunes with no consequences. I had no name for this project but seeing the word "focusrite" in front of me I just went with focu -> cufo -> cuf0 

Cuf0: People look into this way too much

dnbhub: When did you start producing and who are your influences; Have you produced in other genres, do you work with anyone you have a mentor?

Cuf0: A long time ago, Simskai, yes, yes, no....

dnbhub: So why now? Was there a strategy or did you accidentally cause this buzz?

Cuf0: I want to deliver quality and legitimate content on my main project, but I love making skatty distorted tunes that are simply not fit for my main project, so I made an alias. 

Cuf0: I made an account, uploaded a tune and commented on some mixes. 

Cuf0: Next thing I know people are making all sorts of copycat accounts, meme's etc. 

Cuf0: I'm just glad people like the music tbh. 

Cuf0: It is pretty fun to see all of the conspiracies tho 

dnbhub: And Oker - that's you right?

Cuf0: I cannot comment on that. 

dnbhub: So what's next for the cuf0 project...Is that the end or are we gonna hear more music and perhaps a legitimate release? 

Cuf0: I cannot comment on that either.

Cuf0: Only thing I do wanna add is that all 4 tunes were made on the same day they were uploaded. I started with the idea on day 1 and did this for 4 continuous days

dnbhub: and the numbers...0120 

dnbhub: Is there a relevance, or are people chasing shadows?

Cuf0: No comment

dnbhub: Finally, is there anything you'd like to say to the people who enjoyed the fun this week....any message at all?

Cuf0: I'm just a dude making music and I'm glad people like it. I never knew this would blow up and to be honest it's not necessarily been a good thing. I've seen some pretty offensive things written about cuf0, even from close friends who don't know it's me. 

Cuf0: If anything, I want people to realise what a powerful tool the internet and social media is for one's music career and I hope this project inspires people to be more open minded to this concept.

Cuf0: I told myself I would not do these kind of interviews or questions but your article made me realise that some people might want to know some more about it so here you go. 

And with that cuf0 was gone....

In conclusion

One of the main questions ahead of speaking with Cuf0 was whether this was a cleverly orchestrated publicity stunt or had he in-fact become an accidental hero and from our conversation we definitely feel it's the latter. 

What we didn't expect was for him to be so humble, so obviously affected and for a message to surface that transcended his music. 

What we have in cuf0 is simply someone who made some cool music and posted it online hoping that it might be enjoyed. 

What he got was a lot of hype, a lot of love but also a lot of hate, even from the people closest to him. 

If you like the music that someone makes that's great, if you don't that's fine, but at the end of the day there's no such things as bad music, just opinions and taste. 

Be grateful that people are spending their time, learning their craft and honing the skills needed to produce new electronic music. Be grateful that a lot of what we get is free and be respectful of peoples opinions whether you agree or not, as otherwise producers like cuf0 will stop sharing their experiments and our music and culture will suffer as a result. 

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