Thousands raised for various Charities during Lockdown - The Drum and Bass Community, we salute you!


The last 12 weeks have seemed like a roller-coaster for many of us, with the enforced lock-down further concentrating our focus online, resulting in a myriad of ups and at times, downs.

Now that the country is starting to get back to a sustainable level of normality (whatever that is) we wanted to look back and acknowledge not only the heroes who put their lives at risk everyday as essential workers, but also the DJ's, MC's and Promoters who helped to raise literally thousands of pounds of much needed cash via live-streams. 

The NHS was an obvious focus for online fundraising activities with high profile promotions such as Moondance raising nearly £15,000 via donations, T-Shirt sales and signed T-Shirt auctions during their groundbreaking Lockdown Sessions which were a main-stay for thousands of us throughout these difficult times.

DJ's and MC's who have played at Moondance events spanning an incredible 25 years came together to give their time and boundless enthusiasm over 4 sessions that were viewed by over 1 million people and counting!

Without these key players getting behind this initiative none of this would have been possible, with the likes of Nicky Blackmarket, Ratpack, DJ Rap, Kenny Ken, DJ Sense, Slipmatt, Philgood & Ram, Ellis Dee, Twista, Trix and The Acid Brothers all inviting us into their homes and spinning classic after classic for the Moondance massive. 

A special mention needs to go out to everyone behind the scenes who made this happen as without the promoters, technical guys & girls, t-shirt designers, printers and postal service (!) none of this would have been possible.      

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY YOU, The Moondance Faithful; To the thousands upon thousands of people who tuned in, skanked out and dug deep to show your NHS Heroes that they are valued, appreciated and most importantly, loved, we salute you.  

Now this article wouldn't be complete without mentioning some of the other promoters who have worked just as hard to raise some truly astonishing figures for NHS, Trussell Trust and Veterans charities over the last 12 weeks. 

Properfest 2020 was scheduled to happen as Lockdown hit, with their April 2020 date in Clacton being cancelled, now postponed until 2021. 

Not to be down-heartened, promoters Philgood & Ram decided the show must go on, pulling together a 12 hour stream raising money for NHS, local children's and veterans charities, taking place on a strikingly hot Veterans Day which saw many of us dancing around our gardens to the sounds of our favorite Properfest patrons.   

The Goat Shed were very much at the forefront of the movement with their first Stay at Home Festival taking place on April 10th with participation from some bona fide Titans of the drum & bass world including Sub Zero, AC13, Bryan Gee, Taxman, T>I, Upgrade, Original Sin, Aphrodite & Mrs Magoo!   

DJ SS' World of Drum and Bass juggernaut joined the party with Home Invasion, an innovative take on the live stream festival with Yoga classes, Fitness classes and Interviews, as well as big sets from the man himself, DJ SS, Teddy Killerz, Aries, Critical Impact and more. 

Drum&BassArena were one of the first to put on big name fundraising streams with AMC laying down one of the stand out sets of Lockdown broadcasting via their video outlet DB&TV. The Prototypes then went on the raise over £14,000 during their mammoth 24 set, before Drum & Bass Godfather Fabio helped to raise much needed funds for Lymphoma Action. 

The sheer amount of DJ's and Promoters giving back via online festivals has been incredible, but we also want to shout every bedroom DJ and MC who has taken the time to entertain us throughout Lockdown, as these men and women are the trailblazers who allowed the bigger names to adopt this medium to raise much needed cash for a multitude of good causes. 

So whether you spin vinyl or MP3's, prefer Technics, Pioneer or Denon or use controllers or CDJ's; We salute you, as without everyone contributing and acknowledging each others efforts, our scene becomes divisive and none of us want that.  

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