Sorry, I am not Simskai nor Mavu. I am Cuf0

There's been a lot of BIG questions asked since the turn of the decade; Is Brexit actually gonna happen? Will Liverpool lose a game? Shall we ever let Prince Andrew babysit again? Why exactly does Bassman hate Alan Shearer so much?...

But the question that has been on the lips of the majority of the drum and bass world this week is..... 


Around 4 days ago a number of tracks started appearing with insane sound design under the until recently unknown monika, Cuf0. 

A new Facebook account was created which has been subsequently deleted and the internet has been awash with theories of who it is, who it isn't and who it could be.

Whether it's an up and coming producer who has honed his or her craft over time, stock piling releases to drop in quick succession, an established artist who thought it would be cool to release under a different name or someone recently released from one of her majesties prisons, what Cuf0 does next, if anything, is causing quite a stir.  

One thing's for sure, it's a clever stunt and a great example of how technology and the internet have made the scene more accessible to all. 

Cuf0 went about all of this by posting a track to a soundcloud account before spamming the link onto other producers track posts. 

People started to take notice as even though the mix downs were a little slammed and distorted (this could be a creative style) the production and sound design were far too advanced for a so-called newcomer. 

Initial theories that Cuf0 was in fact Simskai or Mavu have since been abandoned not least because of the binary code message that Cuf0 left on  his/her Facebook account shortly before it was deleted. The leading theory now is that it's either Atmos & Woodz or DJ Alpha, the latter perhaps being a coincidence given the timing of his release from prison and Cuf0's emergence.

Cuf0 hasn't been silent throughout this buzz, replying to messages and posts with single digit numbers to further thicken the plot. There weren't many replies, but it's not binary as the penultimate number was a 2, so the meaning is anyone's guess. Either way, whoever Cuf0 is, he or she is certainly having a good laugh at all the hype!

When the Cuf0 account was deleted OKER popped up recreating not only Cuf0's go to market strategy, but also the sound.....the real kicker being that the only person OKER was following was Cuf0. 

Cuf0 has broken people's Facebook feeds this week, spawned conspiracy theories and even prompted established artists such as Tomoyoshi Sato to publicly declare:

'I don't know why that rumor spread but I just want to say...I'M NOT CUFO' (Sic)

Whatever the reality, we've enjoyed the fun and hope to find out who cuf0 is and run the interview! 

Shout out to dnbhub friend and collaborator Dunney for his help with this article; keep an eye out for a limited edition tee which we sent him today and will be on store tomorrow, strictly limited to 50 pieces. 



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